Vocera exec explains new badge technology
Jun 11 | HIMSS TV
Senior Clinical Executive Steven Matarelli says Smartbadge was born out of a need to integrate Vocera's badge ...
Making progress with social determinants of health, but challenges remain
Jun 10 | HIMSS TV
The industry has miles to go before public policies align with social determinants of ...
WAMBI helping care providers gain recognition
Jun 10 | HIMSS TV
WAMBI's recognition platform is strengthening the bonds between caregivers and patients, says CEO Rebecca Metter.
Why patient safety should include protecting their data
Jun 10 | HIMSS TV
Richard Staynings, an independent executive security leader, says protecting patients' data from ...
Embracing digital to provide necessary health services
Jun 07 | HIMSS TV
The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust is using EMRAM as a benchmarking tool to help drive its ongoing digital ...
HIMMS TV live streaming at HIMSS & Health 2.0 Europe
Jun 07 | HIMSS TV
HIMSS TV will be live broadcasting from Helsinki on June 12 and 13. Watch to see in-depth ...
How Wolters Kluwer is filling care variability gap
Jun 07 | HIMSS TV
Wolters Kluwer Health uses patient engagement to create mutual understanding between the physician and the patient ...
HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference: What to expect
Jun 06 | HIMSS TV
The HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference in Helsinki will feature not only HIMSS' knowledge in ...
Reflective Strategies filling need to enhance patient experience
Jun 06 | HIMSS TV
Hospitals are responding "remarkably well" to bringing ideas such as meditation and ...
Expect widespread use of AI in 2-3 years, hospital exec says
Jun 06 | HIMSS TV
Mahmoud Saleh El Halik, the head of Health Informatics at Latifa Women and Children's Hospital, ...