Improving remote care, outcomes with telehealth
Feb 18 | HIMSS TV
Cloe Benz, senior physiotherapist at Sydney Children's Hospitals Network, is using telehealth to deliver better ...
Grahame Grieve: FHIR will set data free, empowering both patients, providers
Feb 15 | HIMSS TV
FHIR is key to interoperability and better data access, claims Grahame Grieve, FHIR ...
HIMSS CTIO looks at health IT landscape
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Steve Wretling, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at HIMSS, touches on the consumerization of healthcare, ...
CMS Deputy Admin discusses new rules, interoperability and freeing data
Feb 15 | HIMSS TV
CMMI Director Adam Boehler shares the impact of new interoperability rules from CMS and ONC.
Use of video enhances communications among healthcare workers
Feb 14 | HIMSS TV
(Sponsored) Video streaming is helping healthcare organizations communicate better with patients and ...
Clinicians get performance boost from AI, intelligent apps and smart devices
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(Sponsored) GE Healthcare Life Sciences' Keith Bigelow discusses how the Edison ...
How HIMSS19 is driving innovation of healthcare
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There is a need for a healthcare renaissance, and so HIMSS19 will drive and facilitate the reformation of healthcare, ...
Everything you need to know about HIMSS19
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How AI and chatbots can improve the patient experience
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Northwell VP Sabina Zak and Conversa Health founder Philip Marshall discuss how Northwell is transforming how ...
Why evidence-based practices are needed when building digital health tools
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Dr. Ashish Atreja, chief innovation officer at Mount Sinai and founding chair of ...