Concierge medicine showing growth
Jun 12 | Jeff Lagasse
One expert sees the root of the trend in an environment that's still largely volume-driven.
Whether rural or nonrural, there are more nurse practitioners rounding out practice teams
Jun 11 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The increases come at a time when physician shortages, especially in primary care, loom large.
Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush is out
Jun 06 | Bernie Monegain
Bush's exit comes as previous charges of sexual harassment and domestic abuse surface amid activist…
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Three big factors that attract new hires: growth opportunity, a healthy work-life balance and access to modern technologies…
How telehealth can address physician shortage
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Being able to connect with patients via video conference, and making diagnoses with high-res images, allows physicians to…
Inadequate care linked to physician burnout
May 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Being forced to provide inferior care due to the patient's immigration status was a significant…
82% of physicians blame burnout on interruptions from tech tools
May 22 | Susan Morse
Even necessary distractions from treating patients, which happen as often as 10 times every hour, trigger stress…
Denise Olivares Prognos VP talks about financial analytics
May 21 | Susan Morse
Denise Olivares explains how to piece together various data sets with healthcare payers to identify risk within a…
Tomorrow’s healthcare system: Outpatient care, digitization, staffing challenges
May 18 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Greater labor costs, staffing shortages, EMR optimization and shift away from…
Behavioral health workforce faces challenges
May 18 | Jeff Lagasse
More than 44 million American adults have a diagnosable mental health condition, and rates of severe…