May 06 | Jeff Lagasse
The results aim to act as a "playbook" of sorts for leaders and administrators who are looking for better…
May 05 | Jeff Lagasse
The general public experienced a similar arc, though it hasn't sunk as low as…
Blockchain Illustration
May 01 | Mike Miliard
Rapid Supplier Connect is designed to help health systems and government agencies identify and onboard…
Apr 29 | Jeff Lagasse
The process kills germs from N95 masks while ensuring that the only person who touches the mask is the original…
Apr 28 | Jeff Lagasse
Hospitals should be planning early for equipment, beds and people, and listening to epidemiologists about the…
Apr 27 | HIMSS
A Long Island nurse shares a journal of the crisis from the beginning.
Apr 24 | Susan Morse
Health systems which invest in the digital employee experience will emerge as an employer of choice and retain staff.
Photo courtesy of Prof. Yochai Adir.
Apr 23 | Jeff Lagasse
The new constant flow canopy system addresses the risk of infection by eliminating healthcare…
Apr 21 |
Employees report worsening mental, social health due to COVID-19.
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Mar 30 | Healthcare IT News Staff
We asked for your experiences during the coronavirus public health emergency, and you've responded. Here are…