Jun 26 |
Waste can be found in any healthcare-system process, and asking the right questions can help to eliminate it.
Jun 24 |
Becoming the employer of choice means facing the challenge of creating an exceptional employee…
Jun 18 | Jeff Lagasse
The intent is to provide financial and professional support to physicians, faculty, dentists, nurses and students as they…
Jun 12 | Jeff Lagasse
The main issues are related to supply chain and the anticipated increase in ICU needs during the pandemic.
Jun 12 | Jeff Lagasse
Proper prevention, treatment and management can help to mitigate the trauma and stress of being on the front…
Jun 05 |
Hospitals lost 27,000 jobs in May, showing they have yet to recover financially.
May 21 | Jeff Lagasse
As many as 13% predict closure within the next month, and 20% have already had temporary closures, the…
May 20 | Jeff Lagasse
Anecdotal evidence suggests the psychological toll of being on the front lines may lead to an uptick in mental…
Assistant helping nurse put on scrubs.
May 15 | HIMSS
The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected us all. To honor those who have been lost and those who are working so hard…
May 15 | Susan Morse
UnitedHealth Group will maintain control over the protected health data and will manage opt-in and consent…