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Mar 30 | Healthcare IT News Staff
We asked for your experiences during the coronavirus public health emergency, and you've responded. Here are…
Mar 27 | Jeff Lagasse
The message is clear: Nurses and physicians should treat asymptomatic patients as…
Mar 27 | Susan Morse
The physicians are needed to meet the demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, AMA says.
Mar 26 | Jeff Lagasse
Finding ways to connect meaningfully with patients is almost as important as those patients…
Mar 25 | Susan Morse
Many hospitals will not be able to survive the damage to their cash flow for longer than 60-90 days, report says.
Mar 20 | Jonah Comstock
How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting you?
Mar 18 | Jeff Lagasse
The focus of most radiology departments has shifted from diagnostic capability to preparedness as the disease continues its…
Mar 16 | Jeff Lagasse
Much-needed health personnel represent one of the most vulnerable populations in terms of contracting the highly…
Mar 12 | Jeff Lagasse
Standard infection-control practices have been effective, including vigilant hand hygiene,…
Mar 10 | Jeff Lagasse
Mitigation strategies will become increasingly important as healthcare organizations look to protect their staff…