As docs decline, telemedicine rises
Jun 21, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
Telehealth and other new tools for virtual care enable doctors to see more patients and regain a semblance of control…
How telehealth can address physician shortage
Jun 01, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
Being able to connect with patients via video conference, and making diagnoses with high-res images, allows physicians to…
Tomorrow’s healthcare system: Outpatient care, digitization, staffing challenges
May 18, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Greater labor costs, staffing shortages, EMR optimization and shift away from…
doctor selfies for social media millennials telehealth
May 14, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
More patients want to interact with doctors via social media, which opens new opportunities to treat chronic conditions,…
VA telehealth provider treating a veteran
May 11, 2018 | Jessica Davis
The final rule will override state laws to create a nationwide telehealth program to improve care access and reduce…
CMS: Time to remove telehealth barriers
May 10, 2018 | Susan Morse
Agency said in new Rural Health Strategy that it aims to improve access to care, increase quality and…
Telemedicine can cut behavioral health costs
May 08, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
The lack of telemedicine's accessibility can negatively affect patient engagement…
AHA to FCC: Restore funding to Rural Health Care Program
Apr 26, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
American Hospital Association says that telehealth and connectivity are in jeopardy due to big cuts to rural…
Millennials demand telehealth, move away from primary care
Apr 03, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Generational divides surface between millennials, Generation Xers and baby boomers in how…
amazon healthcare
Mar 27, 2018 | Bernie Monegain
What hospitals know about Amazon plans is just a taste of what the future will bring, consultants predict.