May 19 | Susan Morse
During the pandemic, health plans face a reduced ability to risk-adjust their members and close…
May 14 | Susan Morse
The plan is available at a lower premium than standard PPO plans, and offers a specialist referral process.
May 14 | Jeff Lagasse
Reimbursement levels will go back to pre-coronavirus levels when the pandemic ends, but Congress…
Woman using laptop.
May 14 | Kat Jercich
Though mental health professionals say they're mostly pleased with the rapid shift to phone or video services, most…
May 12 | Susan Morse
By the end of March, 33% of behavioral health claims for Optum members were for a telehealth visit, compared to 2% prior to…
May 11 |
Recent data breaches in digital health platforms have raised awareness for privacy protection and questions over who is responsible.
May 06 | Susan Morse
Consumer-centric digital services could become the new norm, according to CEO and President Larry Merlo.
May 05 | Susan Morse
Cost sharing is being waived for in-network primary care, behavioral health and telehealth visits.
May 01 | Susan Morse
The interim rule is extending the mitigation of shared losses back to January 2020.
May 01 | Susan Morse
HRSA's Federal Office of Rural Health Policy awarded $5 million to develop cross-state licensure for clinicians.