Nov 22 | Healthcare Finance Staff
The HFN team discusses some recent pieces of news from federal and state governments, and…
Nov 08 | Jeff Lagasse
There's a potentially large impact school-based telehealth programs can have on children with chronic…
Nov 05 | Jeff Lagasse
A robust web presence and offerings like online scheduling and telehealth are…
Oct 31 | Jeff Lagasse
Adoption of telehealth for mental health services is increasing, highlighting…
Oct 31 | Susan Morse
The bill has bipartisan support to lift restrictions on Medicare coverage for telehealth.
Oct 16 | Susan Morse
In the age of consumerism, virtual visits meet consumers where they are, says Anthem executive.
Person using smartphone
Oct 11 |
The app also allows users to manage prescriptions, see information on deductibles and out-of-pocket spending, and…
Oct 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Higher telehealth rates would open doors for companies such as Amazon and WalMart to expand their healthcare business.
Oct 01 | Jeff Lagasse
Focusing on certain types of telehealth visits might allow older adults to get comfortable with the concept, the analysis…