Dec 05 | Jeff Lagasse
Despite an increase in usage, telehealth visits for substance use disorder represented just 1.4 percent…
Nov 20 | Susan Morse
Only one quarter of one percent of Medicare beneficiaries in 2016 took advantage of the service.
Oct 31 | Jeff Lagasse
Once a novelty, telehealth has potential to ease the workflow and financial burdens placed on…
Oct 29 | Susan Morse
Enrollment in MA is projected to increase by 11.5 percent, and the number of plans to increase by 600…
Oct 25 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Consumers can use the TechDecks to measure blood pressure, weight and other metrics, then send those to doctors…
Walmart store.
Oct 19 | Susan Morse
Health and hygiene company RB said consumers who purchase certain products at Walmart will receive a free medical video visit.
Oct 01 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The cart helps prevent unnecessary hospitalizations for nursing home patients, saves money and provides peace of mind to…
Senior patient using a computer.
Sep 27 | Jeff Lagasse
There is still a demand for voice and regular mail as communication methods, but that demand is…
Rural area with mailbox.
Sep 26 | Susan Morse
Two areas for financial hope are being paid for telehealth and better data sharing in a rule on…
Disabled veteran in wheelchair.
Sep 20 | Jeff Lagasse
About 71 percent of its total facilities have shown improvement, according to the internal report, with several no longer…