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Apr 16 | Jeff Lagasse
Round 2 is a $249.95 million federal initiative that builds on the $200 million program established as part…
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Apr 14 | Jeff Lagasse
The pandemic has acted as an accelerant for the development and evolution of these…
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Apr 12 | Jeff Lagasse
Almost 88% of Americans want to continue using telehealth for nonurgent consultations after COVID-19 has passed.
Doctor using tablet
Apr 07 | Kat Jercich
But a new study found that telemedicine is still being used in surgical fields at higher rates than before the pandemic.
Telehealth appointment (Photo by Kilito Chan/Getty Images)
Apr 01 | Jeff Lagasse
Round 2 contains a number of tweaks that seek to address disparities and distribute funding to more areas.
A telehealth consultation via laptop
Mar 30 | Jeff Lagasse
The use of telehealth for behavioral health services increased more so than for any other type of healthcare…
Person with health tracker on arm and associated mobile app Photo: dzika_mrowka/Getty Images
Mar 25 | Mike Miliard
As CMS signals longer-term changes in acute RPM reimbursement and Amazon teams with major providers to push for…
Person in medical jacket on an office phone with a screen on the desk
Mar 24 | Jeff Lagasse
The organization says seniors, during the pandemic, increasingly relied on telehealth to safely access…
Telehealth consultation (Photo by Kilito Chan/Getty Images)
Mar 19 | Jeff Lagasse
The proposal establishes a system for rating applications and equitable funding distribution.
Transcarent CEO Glen Tullman (Photo courtesy Transcarent)
Mar 19 | Susan Morse
Transcarent is offering at-risk contracts to share in employer savings.