Strategic Planning

Jan 09 | Jeff Lagasse
The most rapid increase was in direct-to-consumer advertising, which increased from $2.1 billion in 1997 to…
Jan 08 | Susan Morse
CHI and Dignity are expected to close their merger at the end of the month.
Jan 03 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Advocate Aurora Health aiming for cut of 392,657 metric tons to annual carbon emissions, equal to removing…
Dec 31, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
The administrator's business goals, the amount of education offered and access allowed, are all factors to take into…
supply chain
Dec 31, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
By 2020, supply chain expenses will eclipse labor as the new number one cost in healthcare, one expert says.
Dec 27, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
Increasingly large, complex data sets, and a growing need to reduce increasing costs, are driving market growth.
Dec 26, 2018 | Beth Jones Sanborn
A solid and forward-looking strategy, extensive internal education and…
Dec 20, 2018 | Susan Morse
Declining consumer numbers and a ruling in Texas striking down the ACA threatened to a relatively stable market this year.
Dec 20, 2018 | Jeff Lagasse
Stakeholder participation, real-time transparency and emerging use cases will likely help blockchain permeate healthcare…