Strategic Planning

Employee at desk
Feb 06 | Dave Muoio, Mobihealth News
Data from an Aetna International survey also suggest that employers and convenient digital tools could play a role in…
Feb 06 | Mark Klimek
Eleven drugs are potential blockbusters with an expected $1 billion in U.S. sales, according to the report.
Feb 04 | Susan Morse
Innovation is a core competency that needs to be the responsibility of everyone, says HIMSS20 speaker Kristen Raber.
Feb 04 | Susan Morse
The joint venture will expand the primary care Medicare Advantage business of Humana subsidiary Partners in Primary Care.
Feb 04 | Jeff Lagasse
A payer-provider union may be the only way forward for many in a market where large, integrated entities are…
Feb 03 | Jeff Lagasse
As commercial health plans and others fortify their strategy for preventive care, one opportunity…
Jan 30 | Susan Morse
The U.S. has its first case of infection by human-to-human contact, CDC has confirmed.
Jan 28 | Susan Morse
Study finds 8% of providers are spending upward of $1 million dealing with post-payment audits each year.
Jan 28 | Susan Morse
Five patients have been identified in this country, with all having traveled from Wuhan, China, where the…
Jan 27 | Susan Morse
The force driving change is data and consumer demand, expert says.