Strategic Planning

May 22 | Jeff Lagasse
Success in precision medicine has been largely dependent on thought leaders who are highly skilled interdisciplinary leaders.
May 21 | Susan Morse
Both terms get used to mean essentially the same thing but there are some subtleties that distinguish them.
May 20 | Mark Klimek
This is the first time Civica Rx is producing generic drugs since the company was launched last year by the Mayo Clinic,…
May 10 | Susan Morse
Study recommends employers pressure health plans and hospitals to shift to contracts based on a multiple of…
May 06 | Susan Morse
An estimated 2 percent of the increase will be due to the return on the health insurance tax.
May 01 | Susan Morse
The promise of personalizing care is enormous but it will also require hefty investments to turn it into a reality.
Apr 30 | Jeff Lagasse
The stratified payment method showed the biggest impact among hospitals tending to the socioeconomically disadvantaged.
Apr 29 | Jeff Lagasse
The majority of CFOs say they're not adequately prepared for the future given the rapid pace of change in the…
Apr 29 | Susan Morse
Investing in research and development can propel health systems taking financial risk into the front lines of innovation.