Strategic Planning

Oct 18 | Susan Morse
Connected Health panel warns tech companies not to dismiss the marketplace power of those aged 50 and older.
Oct 15 | Susan Morse
The bonus pool size in 2018 was $6.3 billion, which goes to 4-star and above plans as $500 per member, per year.
Oct 14 |
Younger consumers are especially are willing to switch providers over a bad billing experience.
Person using smartphone
Oct 11 |
The app also allows users to manage prescriptions, see information on deductibles and out-of-pocket spending, and…
Oct 11 | Susan Morse
A perfect storm of an aging demographic, lower premiums, high margins and CMS flexibility is behind MA…
Oct 10 | Susan Morse
UCLA researchers have found that pressure ulcers first form on the inside of the body at a cellular level, says researcher and CEO…
Oct 07 | Susan Morse
Members are given financial and other rewards for participating.
Oct 03 |
ACOs saved Medicare $739 million last year after accounting for shared savings bonuses and collecting shared loss payments.
Oct 03 | Susan Morse
A record number are using the internet or mobile apps to comparison shop, and among those who do, 39% have changed…
Oct 01 | Susan Morse
Insurers can offer premium discounts or other incentives to engage in healthy activities, but questions…