Revenue Cycle Management

Hospital execs: ACA driving up bad debt
Jun 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Bad debt exceeds $10 million at a third of healthcare organizations and leaders lack confidence about how…
Jun 12 | Bill Siwicki
Technology to facilitate a patient's understanding of insurance coverage and out-of-pocket cost for pending…
HIMSS Analytics survey shows patients want convenient payment options
Jun 08 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The call for cost estimates is getting louder, patients don't mind keeping a credit card on file, and varied…
Tips for hiring top rev cycle talent
Jun 06 | Jeff Lagasse
Three big factors that attract new hires: growth opportunity, a healthy work-life balance and access to modern technologies…
May 23 | Beth Jones Sanborn
As the 2019 transition approaches, finding expertise to support changing payment…
Personalized payment plans boost hospital rev cycle
May 11 | Jeff Lagasse
Workable payment plans can't be too burdensome and should take into account FICO score, 90-day payment history and any…
May 07 | Mike Miliard
Healthcare organizations that use multiple RCM systems have higher rates of denials and big difficulties…
Change Healthcare expands revenue cycle analytics with new platform
May 04 | Beth Jones Sanborn
New technology allows providers to readily access meaningful data no matter where it lives in the revenue cycle arrives as…
integrated EHR, revenue cycle management
May 03 | Mike Miliard
The Michigan health system, one of the largest in the U.S., says it wants to roll out a single, enterprise platform…
hospital margins hit 10-year record low
Apr 24 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The firm pointed to strain of expenses and stalled revenue growth as the core reasons.