Apr 09 | Beth Jones Sanborn
In Las Vegas, four are open and operational and Dignity is developing a…
Apr 06 | Jeff Lagasse
Prior to the program's start, there was evidence that black patients had, on average, 20…
Star ratings jump strengthens MA plans
Apr 04 | Susan Morse
MA star ratings improvements can help plans expand their share of an increasingly saturated market.
Maryland experiment falls short of financial goals
Apr 04 | Jeff Lagasse
Paying hospitals a fixed global budget reduced their prices but individual physicians continued to…
Final ACA enrollment report shows 3% drop
Apr 03 | Susan Morse
The number remained high even as the agency cut costs for the most cost effective and successful open…
BayCare, Lumeris partner on a Medicare Advantage plan
Apr 03 | Susan Morse
The integrated provider-payer network is expected to grow as Lumeris builds a network of physicians and hospitals…
Experts wary of private providers wading into veteran care
Apr 02 | Susan Morse
VA facilities understand the needs of the population while the private healthcare system could…
Walmart reportedly in negotiations to buy Humana
Mar 30 | Susan Morse
Deal has been long speculated since the announced $69 billion merger between CVS Health and Aetna.
Judge orders AHA to submit proposals to clear up Medicare claims backlog
Mar 30 | Susan Morse
AHA and three of its member hospitals had sued HHS due to the long delay in…
AHIP asks CMS to change Medicare Advantage payment formula
Mar 29 | Susan Morse
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services should update its county benchmark calculation in the 2019 final notice being…