Oct 23, 2019 | Susan Morse
President Trump, who was supposedly trying to sabotage the ACA, has been better at running it than President Obama, who…
Oct 23, 2019 | Jeff Lagasse
To capture revenue that would otherwise be lost, providers need to jettison ink and paper in favor more…
Oct 22, 2019 | Jeff Lagasse
Most states would see diminished capacity in their health centers unless they're able to offset the…
Oct 21, 2019 | Jeff Lagasse
Few adults have the knowledge and ability to obtain health insurance information that can impact their ability to…
Oct 17, 2019 | Susan Morse
One the biggest challenges is that the payment system isn't aligned with paying for social…
Oct 17, 2019 |
Different states have different methods for identifying 340B drugs billed to programs, findings showed.
Oct 16, 2019 | Susan Morse
A limited public option that largely preserves employment-based insurance would have only a small impact, while…
Oct 16, 2019 | Susan Morse
In the age of consumerism, virtual visits meet consumers where they are, says Anthem executive.
Oct 15, 2019 | Susan Morse
The bonus pool size in 2018 was $6.3 billion, which goes to 4-star and above plans as $500 per member, per year.
Oct 14, 2019 |
Younger consumers are especially are willing to switch providers over a bad billing experience.