Jun 12 | Jeff Lagasse
Proper prevention, treatment and management can help to mitigate the trauma and stress of being on the front…
Jun 12 |
AHIP releases new data suggesting COVID-19 treatments could cost up to $546.6 billion - less than…
Jun 11 |
Providers can schedule rides for patients, get real-time GPS tracking and message drivers.
Jun 11 | Jeff Lagasse
The pandemic has laid bare the need for better access, better reimbursement and the need for preventative care.
Jun 11 | Susan Morse
HHS is working on an additional allocation to distribute relief broadly to dentists.
Jun 10 | Jeff Lagasse
In the past few months, deferral of elective procedures and many routine in-person medical visits precipitated a…
Abbott Freestyle libre device
Jun 09 | Mallory Hackett
The study found that flash continuous glucose monitoring system can cost about 60% less than traditional…
Jun 05 | Jeff Lagasse
Younger patients are driving this decline, as the biggest dip was seen among children younger than 14.
Affordable Care Act on desk with highlighter
Jun 05 | Susan Morse
Urban Institute analysis shows there may be an expansion of health insurance options in 2021, as national insurers are…
Jun 04 | Susan Morse
CMS also announced changes to other alternative payment models to adjust for the COVID-19 pandemic.