Jun 05 | Susan Morse
High-deductible plans have made patients major payers of their healthcare, putting a strain on providers dependent on this…
Jun 05 | Susan Morse
CVS's more than 9,900 retail locations are within three miles of about 70 percent of the U.S.…
Jun 03 | Susan Morse
American Hospital Association applauds the decision, in which billions of dollars are at stake.
Jun 03 | Susan Morse
During June, HFN will dive into the new payments, interview experts and report on what's really happening with value-based care.
May 30 | Susan Morse
The case for precision medicine has been made. Now, how do we make it happen?
May 28 | Susan Morse
The ROI is in no longer going about treatment by trial and error.
May 22 | Susan Morse
The broad balance sheet shows hospitals are improving financial strength and flexibility…
May 20 | Jeff Lagasse
The ratio of private insurance to Medicare payments is even higher than the 209 percent average at…
May 20 | Susan Morse
Pharmacy groups express frustration that CMS did not reform direct and indirect remuneration fees.
May 16 | Jeff Lagasse
A consistent framework is needed to ensure healthcare quality workforces are efficient,…