Jan 17 | Jeff Lagasse
In all, 19 of 22 models predicted net savings in the first year after implementation, averaging 3.5% of total healthcare…
Jan 16 | Susan Morse
Staffing shortages, regulatory burden and reimbursement, and patient expectations on cost, quality and convenience top priorities.
Jan 10 | Susan Morse
Over $2.1 billion arose from lawsuits filed by whistleblowers under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims…
Jan 10 | Jeff Lagasse
About 5% of patients in the U.S. account for half the nation's healthcare costs; the challenge is to reduce their…
Jan 10 | Susan Morse
The numbers for MSSP participation starting this month are an important measure of ACO willingness to take downside risk.
Jan 08 | Jeff Lagasse
For capitalism to continue in healthcare, negotiations need to continue behind closed doors, one expert said.
Jan 07 | Susan Morse
Risk scores will be calculated using 75% encounter data, an increase of 25% over this year.
Jan 06 | Jeff Lagasse
Online reviews matter about as much as what an older person hears from family and friends through word of…
Jan 06 | Jeff Lagasse
In the last week of December, an average of 6.9% of patient visits were due to the flu or flu-like illnesses, up from…
Jan 03 |
Insurers were allegedly found to be exaggerating the health ailments of patients, receiving billions.