Apr 12 | Jeff Lagasse
Addressing negative reviews can salvage a provider's brand reputation and even lead to higher reimbursement.
Apr 11 | Susan Morse
This is less than half their 2016 average and below the 7.8 percent average of other U.S. hospitals, according to the…
Apr 10 | Mark Klimek
Providers in more than 30 states may participate in bundled payments for eight medical procedures.
Apr 08 | Susan Morse
Experts share advice about running a successful healthcare revenue cycle.
Apr 05 | Jeff Lagasse
Avoiding readmissions is one the top goals for providers who seek to avoid financial penalties linked to high…
Apr 04 | Jeff Lagasse
Patients and healthcare workers can spread infections from one hospital to another, even if some are more vigilant in…
Apr 04 | Jeff Lagasse
Artificial intelligence, real-time payments and telehealth are all factors that could affect the revenue…
Apr 03 | Jeff Lagasse
Since the introduction of the star ratings in 2016, they've been met with skepticism due to their methodology.
Apr 02 | Jeff Lagasse
Juggling vendors can add costs for a health system, so it's better to focus on communication, convenience…
Apr 01 | Susan Morse
MA plans may offer non-health benefits such as transportation to grocery shopping for those with chronic conditions.