Hubert H. Humphrey Building
Aug 08 | Susan Morse
The 2018 benefit year will now determine risk adjustment payments to insurers, using the statewide average premium.
Doctor and executive talking.
Aug 08 | Susan Morse
'One nut that we haven't really cracked is how we effectively engage patients,' says…
Penn Medicine.
Aug 08 | Beth Jones Sanborn
AMCs show higher cost per case statistics and were hit with more penalties from…
A shelf of drugs.
Aug 07 | Susan Morse
Starting in 2019, insurers may use step therapy to choose the least expensive drug first before moving on…
Henry Ford Hospital
Aug 07 | Susan Morse
The agreement will drive down costs through the monitoring of chronic conditions, preventative screenings, a…
Long-term care patient.
Aug 03 | Susan Morse
CMS is finalizing the elimination the 25 percent threshold that reduces reimbursement for long-term hospitals.
Aug 01 | Susan Morse
Hospices that fail to meet quality reporting requirements receive a 2 percent reduction to their payments.
Uncompensated patient.
Aug 01 | Susan Morse
Consumers who rely on short-term plans for an extended period could face high medical bills when their…
Patient undergoing an MRI.
Aug 01 | Jeff Lagasse
Only a small number of consumers use price transparency tools, and physicians have narrow referral networks, which…