CMMI chief to head HHS’ value-based agenda
Jul 18 | Jeff Lagasse
Health and Human Services officials said that regulations such as Stark Law and HIPPA are acting as roadblocks on the path to…
What NC rural hospitals struggles say about U.S.
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There is a confluence of factors leading to widespread closure of rural hospitals, including demographics, government…
SIlver lining: Million dollar medical claims leap 87%
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What looks like a nightmare for hospital finance executives is also an opportunity to reduce excessive losses typically associated with…
TN hospitals generate $18B for state economy
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New data from states including Tennessee and Connecticut highlight the importance of helping sustain community well being.
Challenges to overcome for transitioning from volume to value
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Who’s really responsible for unplanned hospital readmissions?
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New research found that the length of time after which a patient returns to the hospital reveals a lot about…
Bright Health’s payvider model sees triple growth
Jul 12 | Susan Morse
The insurer is expanding its narrow network into new markets by 2019, CEO Bob Sheehy says.
CMS cuts ACA Navigator funding to $10M
Jul 11 | Susan Morse
This year Navigator organizations will be judged on offering options to the ACA such as Association and short-term…
CMS proposes to prevent Medicaid payments diversion
Jul 10 | Susan Morse
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said the change is intended to ensure that…
Health plans vary in drug reimbursement
Jul 10 | Jeff Lagasse
Less than half, 48 percent, of all drug coverage decisions are consistent across the…