Quality and Safety

Feb 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Expanding third-party coverage leads to people doing more things that are intrinsically goods for their health,…
Feb 15 | Jeff Lagasse
Researchers pinpointed success with comprehensive asthma education conducted by dedicated educators as part of a…
Feb 15 | Jeff Lagasse
The healthcare sector bore the brunt of about $216 billion of those costs -- and things may get worse.
Feb 13 | Tom Sullivan
The administration's plan could inhibit progress on improving interoperability, eradicating info blocking, and medical research but also…
Trump’s budget proposes deep cuts to HHS, ONC, OCR budgets and staff
Feb 12 | Jessica Davis
The President's proposed budget makes deep cuts to health departments and public health initiatives while boosting…
Feb 09 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Why executives should be concerned enough about the threat they pose to hire an infection control officer.
AHA, AONE launch search for top nursing exec
Feb 01 | Bill Siwicki
The groups are seeking an executive who can fill two positions: CEO at AONE and chief nursing officer at AHA.
Guideline adherence: It can boost your bottom line
Jan 31 | Jeff Lagasse
Improving care quality can help hospitals reduce readmissions and protect against financial penalties, a new report…
Jan 30 | Jeff Lagasse
Students who spent more time studying humanities had significantly higher levels of positive physician attributes like…
Healthgrades Distinguished Hospital Award
Jan 30 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Online resource announced 250 recipients are among top five percent that deliver "high-quality care" across at…