Quality and Safety

Do hospital mergers put patients at risk?
Apr 12 | Jeff Lagasse
Mergers and acquisitions can result in economy of scale and other financial benefits -- but it can also be easy for patient…
FDA approves first AI tool for detecting retinopathy
Apr 12 | Jeff Lagasse
New technologies bring the promise of earlier detection and automation, both with an eye…
Where AI has the most promise for reducing costs
Apr 09 | Jeff Lagasse
AI technology is already in use in certain aspects of healthcare, such as diagnostic imaging, but it's being underutilized in…
Apr 06 | Jeff Lagasse
Prior to the program's start, there was evidence that black patients had, on average, 20…
Why your practice shouldn’t wait to address reducing patient wait times
Apr 04 | Beth Jones Sanborn
For those in a recent MGMA poll who say they are already on it, implementing technology plays a…
Nursing shortage effects can be mitigated
Apr 02 | Jeff Lagasse
Inability to coordinate nurses on the front line with the needs of the hospital is a recipe for creating burnout,…
AMA, Mayo, others tackle physician burnout in new medical charter
Mar 30 | Jeff Lagasse
The charter calls for institutional changes to work schedules, personnel policies, counseling and wellness…
Neonatal abstinence syndrome cost over $2B in excess.
Mar 29 | Jeff Lagasse
The problem has only gotten worse, and increasingly expensive, in recent years as more and…
Do Apple's recent hospital deals signal industry shakeup ahead?
Mar 28 | Bernie Monegain
Obama-era officials David Blumenthal and Aneesh Chopra say yes.
EHR issues may harm patients
Mar 27 | Jeff Lagasse
The authors caution that, due to a conservative approach in the way the data was analyzed, the actual numbers are likely…