Quality and Safety

Drug-resistant staph infections MRSA
May 15 | Jeff Lagasse
Surprise: Drug-resistant staph infections cost the same or slightly less to treat than non-resistant infections, study shows.
IV dose opioids
May 15 | Beth Jones Sanborn
A new study by Yale researchers published in JAMA indicates IV dosing could be more addictive but a…
Burnout, depression affecting ophthalmology residents
May 09 | Jeff Lagasse
Burnout can hurt the bottom line, with research showing a consistent relationship…
May 08 | Susan Morse
Some entities, such as ACOs, have to create work-arounds because they won't…
Children's Hospital Colorado, Anthem debut payment model
May 07 | Jeff Lagasse
The new version of the program focuses on a number of key areas important to…
Ways ACA reduced health disparities
May 04 | Jeff Lagasse
Reductions in uninsured rates ranged from -14.3 percent in the Guamanian or Chamorro subgroup to -4.1 percent in the Japanese…
Blue Cross value-based program cuts costs by 35%
Apr 30 | Jeff Lagasse
As Humana and the AMA this month announced new alternative payment models focusing on patient experience and outcomes, Blue Cross…
How two hospitals went from F to A on Leapfrog safety grades
Apr 30 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Arrowhead Regional and Daviess Community Hospital both went from rock bottom to top of the…
How a children’s hospital addressed staff burnout and patient care
Apr 27 | Jeff Lagasse
The personal approach has reduced physician burnout, improved care and…
Ohio fertility clinic replaces equipment following malfunction
Apr 26 | Beth Jones Sanborn
As original estimates of how many specimens were destroyed doubled from 2,000 to…