Quality and Safety

A cost-saving hemodialysis treatment
May 25 | Jeff Lagasse
More than 7 percent of the Medicare budget is spent on managing patients with end-stage renal disease.
How hospitals can save millions on joint replacement services
May 24 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Hospitals that kept costs the lowest used data to get a full picture of options, did…
Three V's of data management in M&A
May 24 | Jeff Lagasse
When practices merge, duplication and miscommunication can be unhappy side effects that have negative consequences for…
Social determinants can cut spending
May 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Those results add to evidence showing support for social service programs can improve community health outcomes and reduce healthcare…
Inadequate care linked to physician burnout
May 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Being forced to provide inferior care due to the patient's immigration status was a significant…
May 23 | Beth Jones Sanborn
As the 2019 transition approaches, finding expertise to support changing payment…
82% of physicians blame burnout on interruptions from tech tools
May 22 | Susan Morse
Even necessary distractions from treating patients, which happen as often as 10 times every hour, trigger stress…
Comprehensive care model reduces expenses
May 17 | Jeff Lagasse
The core element of the model is that the same physician provides care for patients in the clinic as well as in the…
Drug-resistant staph infections MRSA
May 15 | Jeff Lagasse
Surprise: Drug-resistant staph infections cost the same or slightly less to treat than non-resistant infections, study shows.
IV dose opioids
May 15 | Beth Jones Sanborn
A new study by Yale researchers published in JAMA indicates IV dosing could be more addictive but a…