Quality and Safety

Nov 30 | Jeff Lagasse
An analysis of social media messages shows scant guidance for things like infection control and proper…
CMS is allowing acute care for some health systems in the home. (Photo by Hugh Hastings/Getty Images)
Nov 25 | Susan Morse
Medicare beneficiaries can receive telehealth services from any location, including their homes. 
FDA has approved use of home test as Americans face long lines for a COVID-19 test.
Nov 19 | Susan Morse
The test, which provides results in 30 minutes, is currently available by prescription only.
The American Heart Association has set up a fund in the name of the late Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson.
Nov 19 | Susan Morse
AHIP names Humana CEO and president Bruce B. Broussard as chair for 2021.
Person in medical jacket consults with person in hospital bed
Nov 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Automating risk stratification kept patients out of the ER, giving financial incentive to move to an…
Person in white jacket in front of computer monitor writes on paper
Nov 18 | Jeff Lagasse
The system's digital transformation achieved Stage 7 designation from the HIMSS Analytics…
Person in medical gown puts on protective glove
Nov 16 | Jeff Lagasse
Thirty-four member health systems are taking part including AdventHealth, Atrium Health…
Moderna has announced a vaccine that is 94.5% effective against COVID-19.
Nov 16 | Susan Morse
Two vaccines and two therapeutics may be approved before the end of the year.
Hands comfort a person at a table holding pill bottles
Nov 13 | Jeff Lagasse
Such caregivers can greatly improve quality for patients, yet there are hurdles to true integration…
People in scrubs and masks washing hands
Nov 12 | Susan Morse
Providers are also looking for full accelerated payment forgiveness for all hospitals, among other…