Population Health

Doctor treating patient
Jun 16 | Kat Jercich
Providers say patient reluctance to disclose their identities could present problems on both an…
Jun 15 |
Staff, not vendors, answers calls and have available the patient's EHR information.
Jun 15 | Susan Morse
The flexibility will permit insurers to prepay to enrollees a portion or all of the estimated MLR rebate…
Jun 12 |
This donation more than triples Florida Blue's initial contribution.
Jun 12 | Susan Morse
The grant will allow Newport Mental Health to analyze trends and integrate multiple sources of data to…
Jun 11 |
Providers can schedule rides for patients, get real-time GPS tracking and message drivers.
Jun 11 | Jeff Lagasse
The pandemic has laid bare the need for better access, better reimbursement and the need for preventative care.
Jun 11 | Susan Morse
HHS is working on an additional allocation to distribute relief broadly to dentists.
Jun 09 | Susan Morse
Drug Pipeline Insights Report identifies an industry trend in antibody-drug conjugate drugs, which…
Telemedicine appointment on a tablet
Jun 08 | Kat Jercich
David Smith, executive director for the Medicaid Transformation Project, says vulnerable people are being left…