Population Health

EHR issues may harm patients
Mar 27 | Jeff Lagasse
The authors caution that, due to a conservative approach in the way the data was analyzed, the actual numbers are likely…
Where hospitals plan big IT investments soon
Mar 27 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Providers are ramping up to focus on urgent care centers and population health initiatives and to put…
High healthcare costs mean many go without care
Mar 26 | Jeff Lagasse
While $3.3 trillion was spent on healthcare in the U.S. in 2016, the poll found three-quarters…
Mar 23 | Susan Morse
The platform gives providers patient data to earn incentives from risk-based contracts.
Rush boosts star ratings with proprietary predictive analytics
Mar 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Hospital was able to better grasp what it was was already doing well, and what it…
Precision medicine can cut waste
Mar 22 | Jeff Lagasse
The healthcare industry wastes $2.5 billion per year on ineffective therapy, according to researchers.
Ridesharing poses potential fraud, abuse risks
Mar 20 | Jeff Lagasse
It's crucial that providers monitor civil monetary penalties law and anti-kickback…
Study: Why healthcare costs so much in America
Mar 19 | Jeff Lagasse
The U.S. has substantially higher spending but worse population health outcomes than 10 other wealthy…
CDC to award over $15M in opioid prevention funds
Mar 16 | Susan Morse
The resulting research will be used to improve state and local health departments' ability to…
Mar 12 | Change Healthcare
8th Annual Industry Pulse survey finds key insights into the state of healthcare.