Population Health

Oct 04 | Jeff Lagasse
More than 80% of people in Portland, Oregon and 51% of people in Seattle have poor access to…
Oct 03 | Jeff Lagasse
The model is reportedly designed for collaboration and hopes to tackle challenges ranging from artificial intelligence…
Oct 02 | Jeff Lagasse
Those in Michigan's expanded Medicaid program reported not only better physical health, but…
Sep 30 | Jeff Lagasse
Internal and external gaps in interoperability were the second most-cited barrier to VBC adoption, at 19.7%.
Sep 27 | Susan Morse
Medicaid serves the population most adversely impacted by the social determinants of health.
Sep 27 | Jeff Lagasse
The dip in the uninsured rate was especially pronounced among those with low income.
Sep 25 | Jeff Lagasse
The nonprofit health system has sponsored numerous programs and services that help address…
Sep 25 | Susan Morse
MOBE works with the 5% of the commercial population that spends 20% of insurer dollars.
Sep 24 | Jeff Lagasse
Family support services, good access and transportation are some of the most-needed social services to address…
Sep 24 | Susan Morse
An estimated 80% of the homeless population has at least one chronic health condition.