Policy and Legislation

Feb 22 | Susan Morse
Planned Parenthood vows to fight rule, which American Medical Association calls a gag order between provider and patient.
Feb 21 | Susan Morse
First "CMS: Beyond the Policy" podcast explains physician fee schedule for 2019, in a conversational format.
Feb 20 | Susan Morse
Baby boomers, higher income, will drive growth in healthcare spending over the next 8 years, CMS Office of the Actuary…
Feb 14 | Susan Morse
AI will spur innovation in technology that comes from sources other than healthcare that will help the…
Feb 14 | Susan Morse
Healthcare providers and plans need to implement open data sharing technologies to support transitions of care as patients move between…
Feb 13 | Susan Morse
Health plans doing business in Medicare, Medicaid, and the ACA are being asked to share claims data, and all…
Feb 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Medicare beneficiaries without low-income subsidies can expect to spend $6,894 a year out-of-pocket for treatment of…
Feb 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Implementation of these programs was not associated with reductions in device-associated CAUTI rates.
Jan 30 | Jeff Lagasse
The data shows a trend toward comprehensive benefits and significant cost savings, though concerns remain,…