Policy and Legislation

Apr 09 | Susan Morse
The rebate rule will not solve the drug affordability problem, PBM executives told the Senate Finance Committee.
Apr 08 | Jeff Lagasse
Counties in states that expanded Medicaid had about four fewer deaths from…
Apr 02 | Susan Morse
Texas court battle will put Medicare for all on back burner in 2020 general election, veteran legislator and attorney says.
Mar 29 | Susan Morse
Energy and Commerce Chairman calls for OIG investigation into taxpayer spending for outside communications,…
Mar 28 | Mark Klimek
CMS should eliminate mandatory mid-year changes and providers should be given more opportunity to give feedback, groups…
Mar 27 | Jeff Lagasse
With the most expensive medical care in the world and shorter life expectancies, the US is in what…
Mar 26 | Jeff Lagasse
The legislation would protect pre-existing conditions and also aims to lower costs, though passage of the entire package is…
Mar 26 | Susan Morse
The federal opinion is submitted as Democrats say they will release legislation to protect pre-existing conditions.
Mar 25 | Jeff Lagasse
CMMI gave more than $622 million to 11 states as part of the Round 2 Model Test; New York implementing the…
Mar 25 | Susan Morse
The bill is being released near the ninth anniversary of the Affordable Care being signed into law.