Policy and Legislation

OIG: Medicare overpaid $367 million for physical therapy
Mar 26 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Government watchdog estimated that during a 6-month audit period, Medicare paid hundreds…
Mar 23 | Susan Morse
Insurers in the individual market are starting work on setting premium rates for this October…
CMS proposes rule to alleviate Medicaid reporting burden
Mar 22 | Susan Morse
States qualify by having at least 85 percent of their Medicaid population in managed care or by reducing provider…
House passes funding bill
Mar 22 | Susan Morse
Insurers get no federal funds for cost-sharing reduction payments or a reinsurance program to help stabilize…
ACA repeal: Premiums up, choices down
Mar 21 | Jeff Lagasse
The government's repeal of the ACA's individual mandate has threatened…
CBO: Health Care Stabilization Act would create $19 billion deficit
Mar 21 | Susan Morse
As Congress debates appropriations legislation with the Friday deadline…
What US health orgs need to know about Europe’s GDPR privacy law
Mar 21 | Jessica Davis
By May 25, U.S. providers caring for EU patients will need to brush up on consent forms, data sharing and privacy…
Kalorama highlights top 7 healthcare market disruptors
Mar 20 | Bernie Monegain
Factors that the research firm said are creating an era of uncertainty in the healthcare industry.
Trump opioid crisis
Mar 19 | Susan Morse
An electronic prescription drug monitoring program network would track…
Crawford alleges CVS business practices created an emergency situation in his home state
Mar 19 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford alleged CVS business practices created an emergency situation in his home state, calls…