Policy and Legislation

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Mar 31 | Jeff Lagasse
Better resource-allocation and mitigation strategies could result in fewer COVID-19 cases and deaths.
  Ciitizen Chief Regulatory Officer Deven McGraw. (Photo courtesy Ciitizen, Photo illustration by Jonah Comstock)
Mar 30 | Healthcare IT News
Ciitizen's Deven McGraw, formerly of OCR and ONC, breaks down the big health policy changes coming our way.
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Mar 30 | Susan Morse
The team drew no conclusion about the role of the Huanan market in the origin of the outbreak, or how the infection was…
Former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield (Photo by Sundry Photography/Getty Images)
Mar 29 | Susan Morse
The World Health Organization is expected to release a report Tuesday on the origin of COVID-19.
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Mar 29 | Jeff Lagasse
Any complaints received during the suspension period will be investigated within 45 days; correction plans are required.
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Mar 29 | Jeff Lagasse
The group said CMS either missed its deadline or misinterpreted provider information when denying mid-build exceptions.
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Mar 26 | Jeff Lagasse
The ARP will help support hospital patient revenues by reducing the number of those who are uninsured.
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Mar 26 | Jeff Lagasse
AHIP floated policy recommendations including strengthening access for underserved populations through…
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Mar 26 | Susan Morse
The 2% cut to Medicare reimbursement is delayed through the end of the year, to the relief of hospital and physician groups.
U.S. Capitol Building
Mar 24 | Mallory Hackett
Although a vote has yet to be officially scheduled, the Senate is expected to vote on a hotlined version of H.R. 1868.