Policy and Legislation

GAO: CMS needs to reign in Medicaid managed care overpayments
Jun 07 | Beth Jones Sanborn
GAO reviewed 27 federal and state audits and investigations, identified roughly $68 million in overpayments and unallowable…
Why mandatory bundled payment programs matter
Jun 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Medicare's cost-containment strategy has been rolled out on a trial basis for more than 2,000 U.S. hospitals and new…
Trump seeks to reorganize HHS
Jun 06 | Susan Morse
The move would give HHS a new name, potentially including the word welfare, and consolidate safety-net programs…
Report: Medicare will be insolvent in 8 years
Jun 06 | Susan Morse
The trustees' report shows Part D spending projections are lower than what was projected last year.
Medicaid expansion increases volume, quality
Jun 06 | Jeff Lagasse
Medicaid expansion has resulted in more people having health insurance among all potentially eligible individuals,…
Medicare Part D drug spending spikes 77%
Jun 05 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Even after taking into account manufacturer rebates, spending still increased more than 60 percent and the ranks of beneficiaries paying $2,000…
HHS pushes value-based payment for skilled nursing facilities
Jun 05 | Susan Morse
The model ties payment to a patient's conditions and care needs rather than volume of services…
S&P: 340B cuts could further weaken struggling hospitals
Jun 04 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Program is a crucial part of operations for hospitals that serve vulnerable populations because it offsets the high costs…
Jun 04 | Jeff Lagasse
More than three quarters of Democrats said they want candidates to talk about universal healthcare "a…
FDA issues policies to stop blockage of generic drugs
May 31 | Susan Morse
Brand drug manufacturers are delaying the development and entry of generics, federal officials say.