Policy and Legislation

Apr 30 | Susan Morse
America's Health Insurance Plans says MFA would likely result in higher premiums for consumers with private coverage.
Apr 30 | Jeff Lagasse
The stratified payment method showed the biggest impact among hospitals tending to the socioeconomically disadvantaged.
Apr 30 | Jeff Lagasse
Forty percent of respondents said Trump's handling of healthcare makes them…
Apr 24 | Jeff Lagasse
Seniors also reported their concern that rising healthcare costs will result in significant and lasting damage to…
Apr 23 | Susan Morse
Part D drug spending projections are lower than last year because of slower price growth and a continuing…
Apr 15 | Jeff Lagasse
The label could postpone nearly three million cases of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Apr 11 | Susan Morse
This is less than half their 2016 average and below the 7.8 percent average of other U.S. hospitals, according to the…
Apr 09 | Jeff Lagasse
Searches for IUDs were 15 percent higher than expected following the 2016 election -- 10 to 21 million…
Apr 09 | Susan Morse
The rebate rule will not solve the drug affordability problem, PBM executives told the Senate Finance Committee.
Apr 08 | Jeff Lagasse
Counties in states that expanded Medicaid had about four fewer deaths from…