Policy and Legislation

Oct 17 | Jeff Lagasse
The FDA is also approving greater numbers of complex generic drugs, which are more difficult to…
Oct 17 |
Different states have different methods for identifying 340B drugs billed to programs, findings showed.
Oct 16 | Susan Morse
A limited public option that largely preserves employment-based insurance would have only a small impact, while…
Oct 15 | Jeff Lagasse
Only 18% of the executives surveyed at U.S. healthcare companies say they are "very…
Oct 03 | Susan Morse
The order outlines sweeping policy and regulatory proposals including modifying Medicare fee for service…
Oct 02 | Susan Morse
The rule does not have the "vast economic and political significance" put forward by the district court as it would cost drug…
Sep 27 | Jeff Lagasse
The dip in the uninsured rate was especially pronounced among those with low income.
Sep 26 | Mike Miliard
The Omnibus Burden Reduction and Discharge Planning rules both aim to reduce red tape and enable transparency, says…
Sep 26 | Susan Morse
America's Essential Hospitals said it is working with lawmakers to stop $4 billion in cuts for 2020 from taking effect November 22.
Sep 20 | Susan Morse
The maximum price that could be set is 1.2 times the average international market price.