Jun 19, 2015 | Kaiser Health News
A bipartisan group of House and Senate legislators introduced bills last week that would require health plans to cover the…
Sylvia Burwell
Jun 18, 2015 | Susan Morse
Conspiracy to commit health care fraud, violations of the anti-kickback statutes, money laundering and…
prescription pills spilling from bottle
Jun 16, 2015 | Kaiser Health News
Nearly three in four Americans say the costs of prescription drugs are "unreasonable," with most…
Target Clinic
Jun 15, 2015 | Anthony Brino
Target's nearly 80 walk-in clinic locations will be rebranded as CVS MinuteClinics, and CVS Health will open as many as 20 new…
prescription medication
Jun 12, 2015 | Kaiser Health News
Medicare drug plans are cutting back on coverage for a specially designated type of painkiller that deters abuse…
Diabetes test
Jun 10, 2015 | Henry Powderly
Diagnostic tests on urine, blood often cost less than a trip to the movies, as California-based startup aims to take over the market.
TechCrunch photo Flickr
Jun 08, 2015 | Anthony Brino
Entrepreneur claims direct-to-consumer laboratory testing and price transparency are an integral piece of health…
Jun 03, 2015 | Healthcare Finance Staff
Americans in public exchange plans are using their benefits, especially for prescription drugs, although in some ways it's different…
May 28, 2015 | Susan Morse
Expenses are climbing by 8 percent this year over last, from $416 billion in 2014 to $608 billion in 2015, according to a…
prescription drugs
May 21, 2015 | Anthony Brino
Depending on how much the program is reformed, it could mean the difference of hundreds of millions of dollars for…