Feb 07 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Union says Kaiser wants to slash wages, outsource more than 200 pharmacy jobs and layoff 700 call…
Feb 05 | Susan Morse
Insurers are asked to submit by Feb. 21 written responses to questions such as treatment coverage for Medicare beneficiaries.
Vizient: Drug prices to rise 7% in 2019
Jan 31 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The increase represents a substantial impact, especially given the use of many high-cost drugs, the report says. The firm also…
aetna insurance
Jan 30 | Susan Morse
Aetna posts strong fourth quarter, but a 16 percent decrease for the year.
Jan 19 | Jessica Davis
Three employee email accounts were hacked in November, exposing PHI, including financial data and Social Security…
Jan 18 | Bernie Monegain
Advisors to the ambitious plan include former CMS head Don Berwick, MD, and Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, among others.
Aetna pays $17 million to settle privacy lawsuit
Jan 18 | Susan Morse
The lawsuit alleges the insurer violated beneficiary privacy by mailing HIV medication information in an envelope that had a…
UnitedHealth Group reports steady growth
Jan 16 | Susan Morse
Molly Joseph, head of global operations, also gives a glimpse into the insurer's expansion plans in South American countries.
drug prices
Jan 09 | Susan Morse
The former Eli Lilly CEO also told the Senate Finance Committee affordability and the opioid epidemic…
Hospitals still grappling with supply shortages in Hurricane Maria's wake
Jan 08 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Power grid instabilities persist. The FDA says improvements to medical supply availability are coming…