Jan 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Spending for retail prescription drugs reached $333.4 billion in 2017, and those…
Jan 22 | Jeff Lagasse
The Medicare population is estimated to have the highest and fastest growing prevalence of opioid use disorder in the U.S.
Jan 18 | Susan Morse
CVS Caremark, Walmart disagreed over reimbursement rates in the commercial and managed Medicaid pharmacy network.
Jan 18 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Average total spend per hospital admission rose 18.5 percent between FYs 2015 and 2017,…
Jan 18 | Susan Morse
Agency instead offers insurers a reduction in user fees for participating in the Affordable Care Act market.
Jan 17 | Susan Morse
Minor differences in co-payments sometimes mask exponential differences between similar generic formulations.
Jan 16 | Susan Morse
Providers get a reduced wait time in the prior authorization process, which is usually manual and paper-based.
Jan 16 | Susan Morse
The retailer is terminating its deal with its PBM, putting commercial and managed Medicaid beneficiaries out-of-network.
Jan 07 | Susan Morse
Also, physicians are not incentivized to prescribe more expensive prescriptions, Community…