Jun 04 | Jeff Lagasse
The majority of providers are concerned about drug diversion in hospitals, but only 20 percent believe…
Jun 04 | Mark Klimek
Premiums for employer-sponsored insurance plans over the last 10 years rose 55 percent, twice as fast as…
Jun 04 | Jeff Lagasse
The current rebate system plays a central role driving up costs for consumers, preventing them from making informed…
May 31 | Susan Morse
Antitrust and healthcare witnesses for the American Medical Association are scheduled to testify starting Tuesday.
May 29 | Susan Morse
The AMA indicated it was blindsided by the DOJ motion to change court procedure, which was filed…
May 28 | Susan Morse
The ROI is in no longer going about treatment by trial and error.
May 24 | Susan Morse
Also, HHS revises LGBT discrimination protections in Affordable Care Act it says likely unenforceable and will save $3.6…
May 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Targeted interventions have shown a modest ability to lower costs and have the potential to…
May 23 | Susan Morse
Insurers UHC, Anthem, Aetna, Humana and Cigna were among the top seven, which also included Optum and Medtronic.
May 21 | Susan Morse
Both terms get used to mean essentially the same thing but there are some subtleties that distinguish them.