Feb 26 | Susan Morse
End rebates for both Medicare and commercial plans, and they will lower list prices, pharmaceutical…
Feb 25 | Susan Morse
On Tuesday morning, executives from seven pharmaceutical companies will face ...
Feb 22 | Jeff Lagasse
There appears to be a lack of accountability when it comes to prescribing high-test opioids to patients who…
Feb 21 | Susan Morse
Executive testifies that if the ideas being explored for the new company work, they could be scaled up among…
Feb 20 | Susan Morse
Aetna helped drive revenue for CVS Health, even as the company suffered losses from its long-term care segment.
Feb 19 | Susan Morse
Aetna's individual Part D plan business, which was sold to WellCare, was the only area of concern for a lessening of competition,…
David Fitzgerald of CVS Health and Bill Fox of MarkLogic, take part in a lively discussion of healthcare during lunch at HIMSS19. Photo by Jann Hendry Photography
Feb 19 | Susan Morse
The pilot program for expanded services and medical equipment is being tested at three locations in Houston.
Feb 15 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Marcia Conrad-Miller of CGI said if payers, providers, pharma work together on…
Feb 12 | Susan Morse
Pharma wants to be a part of value-based programs in risk-based arrangements with payers.
Feb 08 | Susan Morse
There's a whole lot of finger pointing happening among feds, providers, payers, pharmacy benefits managers and big pharma, in what HHS Secretary…