May 13 | Susan Morse
The DOJ and CVS Health are seeking to block certain testimony they say is outside the scope of review.
May 08 | Susan Morse
If pharmaceutical manufacturers are ashamed of their drug prices, then change the price, HHS Secretary Alex Azar says.
May 06 |
Prices for the drugs, which range from diabetes medications to antivirals to immunosuppressants, are 3.2 to…
Apr 25 | Susan Morse
The company's earnings more than doubled this quarter over the same period last year, rising to $3.6 billion.
Apr 18 | Susan Morse
Rule proposes no changes to practice of silver loading as insurers start to set rates for 2020.
Apr 16 | Susan Morse
UnitedHealth has already converted, or is in the process of converting, 8 million…
Apr 16 | Susan Morse
The insurer is offering providers analytics and compensation determined by metrics that address access to care, clinical status…
Apr 15 |
Pilot program has reduced unnecessary ER visits and early dismissals among students, many who previously lacked a…
Apr 10 | Susan Morse
The Village Medical at Walgreens clinics will operate next to the retail pharmacies, providing primary care integrated with the pharmacy as…
Apr 09 | Susan Morse
The rebate rule will not solve the drug affordability problem, PBM executives told the Senate Finance Committee.