Patient Engagement

Jan 31 |
Miamians are the most health-conscious while Minnesotans are the least of people in 18 cities surveyed.
Jan 31 | Susan Morse
To require the public disclosure of privately negotiated rates exceeds legal authority, AHIP says.
Jan 28 | Jeff Lagasse
There was a 2% drop in ICU deaths at non-minority hospitals, but the same improvement rate was not seen at…
Jan 27 | Susan Morse
What's important to the patient is a care plan that integrates shared decision-making on both…
Jan 22 | Jeff Lagasse
The collaboration is meant to spur more engagement in the Go360 program by allowing a broad range of…
Jan 16 | Jeff Lagasse
The national disparity between gross charges for each procedure is significant with a 297%…
Jan 14 | Susan Morse
The partnership will offer integrated medical, behavioral, and pharmacy services benefits.
Jan 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Doctors, hospitals, and other health providers in the U.S. spent far more on administration due to…
Jan 06 | Jeff Lagasse
Online reviews matter about as much as what an older person hears from family and friends through word of…
Jan 02 | Jeff Lagasse
What's more, 30-day mortality and readmission rates stayed largely the same at acquired facilities.