Patient Engagement

Money and stethoscope
Aug 16 | Laura Lovett
Users can search for the price of a procedure at providers in their area and then book an appointment through the app.
Aug 15 | Jeff Lagasse
The primary reason for noncompliance was that most providers don't send records electronically even when so…
Aug 13 | Susan Morse
Medication adherence and refilling on time reward members through copay discounts.
Aug 07 | Susan Morse
Medicare began reimbursing physicians for advance-care planning counseling in 2016, but only about a third of adults have…
Aug 06 | Susan Morse
The goal is to reduce the incidence of diabetes in a given population by 58% in three years.
Aid worker helping senior with tablet.
Jul 30 | Dave Muoio, Mobihealth News
The tool, called Destination: Health, was built from a collaboration with social services-focused…
Jul 26 | Jeff Lagasse
Patient response rates have been declining over the years; the response rate was 33% in 2008 but just 26% in 2017.
Jul 24 | Jeff Lagasse
In 2018, non-hospital-based provider-to-patient telehealth accounted for 84 percent of all telehealth claim lines.
Jul 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Providers recognize the importance of a modern, online consumer experience, but most…
Jul 17 | Jeff Lagasse
Patients age 60 and over used the portal less than younger patients, and African Americans used the portal less than white…