Patient Engagement

More patients shopping for new doctor than you think
Jan 24 | Jeff Lagasse
It's true of parents and millennials alike that more than half are looking for a new doctor and the reasons they…
Jan 24 | Jeff Lagasse
More and more technology vendors are offering simple electronic reminders, an inexpensive option that can…
Doctors burned out: These specialties have it worst
Jan 18 | Jeff Lagasse
Physicians feel down or seriously depressed at nearly twice the rate of the adult population. But there are some tweaks hospital…
Nonprofit, HIE tackle advance care planning together
Jan 17 | Jeff Lagasse
Making Choices Michigan offers free advance directive services that Great Lakes Health Connect enables clinicians to…
health IT funding
Jan 17 | Mike Miliard
Health IT funding set a record in 2017 with AI and predictive analytics as top tech funded, with patient engagement, telehealth and…
Jan 08 | Change Healthcare
While MVA and workers' compensation claims are only a small percentage of a healthcare organization's total claims,…
New Colorado law: Hospitals must post self-pay prices
Jan 05 | Susan Morse
The "Transparency in Health Care Prices Act," has good intentions but pricing transparency has mixed results thus…
Clinical analytics market
Dec 29, 2017 | Mike Miliard
While American providers need it for value-based care, hospitals abroad want the tools for their own quality initiatives, but the high…
HIMSS revenue cycle task force is taking on the patient experience
Dec 27, 2017 | Susan Morse
HIMSS Revenue Cycle Improvement Task Force seeks stories on the patient financial experience to present a gap analysis for…
Payers focus on digital tools for member engagement
Dec 26, 2017 | Jonah Comstock
Q4 saw some big moves from CMS with partnerships to enhance employee wellness programs.