Patient Engagement

Jun 15 |
Staff, not vendors, answers calls and have available the patient's EHR information.
Jun 11 |
Providers can schedule rides for patients, get real-time GPS tracking and message drivers.
Abbott Freestyle libre device
Jun 09 | Mallory Hackett
The study found that flash continuous glucose monitoring system can cost about 60% less than traditional…
Jun 03 |
CEO Kristen Valdes began b.well after her daughter Bailey's near-death experience.
Jun 01 |
Report predicts shift away from wearables to video analytics and mobile…
May 29 | Jeff Lagasse
Patients and families want to know what has changed from when they were told to stay at home.
May 28 | Jeff Lagasse
Predictive analytics and natural language processing have helped the system improve readmission,…
May 28 | Jeff Lagasse
With the help of natural language processing and predictive capabilities, UVA has forged…
May 28 | Bill Siwicki
In their HIMSS20 Digital session, privacy policy experts Deven McGraw and Jodi Daniel offer a deeper look at digital patient-access, the…
May 27 | Susan Morse
Insurers will be issuing a total of about $2.7 billion in refunds, estimates the Kaiser Family Foundation.