Patient Engagement

doctor giving male patient prescription bottle at hospital
May 14 | Jeff Lagasse
Nearly half of study participants revealed that they at times decide not to take their medication.
doctor selfies for social media millennials telehealth
May 14 | Beth Jones Sanborn
More patients want to interact with doctors via social media, which opens new opportunities to treat chronic conditions,…
Personalized payment plans boost hospital rev cycle
May 11 | Jeff Lagasse
Workable payment plans can't be too burdensome and should take into account FICO score, 90-day payment history and any…
Financial strain impacts healthcare decisions
May 09 | Jeff Lagasse
To combat the reluctance to discuss financial strain, physicians should take the lead in recognizing and…
Burnout, depression affecting ophthalmology residents
May 09 | Jeff Lagasse
Burnout can hurt the bottom line, with research showing a consistent relationship…
integrated EHR, revenue cycle management
May 03 | Mike Miliard
The Michigan health system, one of the largest in the U.S., says it wants to roll out a single, enterprise platform…
How a children’s hospital addressed staff burnout and patient care
Apr 27 | Jeff Lagasse
The personal approach has reduced physician burnout, improved care and…
Comcast partners with Independence Health
Apr 20 | Jessica Davis
Companies say the cross-sector partnership will create open source platform that it hopes other tech companies will…
Payers rank member satisfaction as top priority
Apr 11 | Susan Morse
New research suggests an evolution in the way health plans think about patients increasingly as consumers.
A business case for precision medicine
Apr 04 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Saving lives can save hospitals money but challenges remain, according to experts who will be speaking at the HIMSS Precision Medicine Summit in…