Patient Engagement

Nov 30 | Jeff Lagasse
That brings the total number of enrollees to 2.4 million, a 41% jump over last year but also with more…
To help with issues such as stress, BCBSMA is offering a digital behavioral program to employers.
Nov 25 | Susan Morse
Learn to Live was added to insurer benefits to address behavioral health disorders, which are among the most…
Person wearing stethoscope handles papers and a calculator
Nov 24 | Susan Morse
Barring an appeals court decision overturning the rule, the mandate goes into effect on January 1, 2021.
Person in medical jacket consults with person in hospital bed
Nov 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Automating risk stratification kept patients out of the ER, giving financial incentive to move to an…
Benefit design would lessen impact of high-deductible plans, AMA says.
Nov 17 | Susan Morse
Payers, employers, organized medicine and researchers can alter the mounting financial and clinical barriers patients…
Nov 11 | Jeff Lagasse
The findings underscore the need for health systems to address issues of implicit biases and to diversify the physician workforce.
Sticker printed with "People love us on Yelp"
Nov 11 | Jeff Lagasse
Patients tend to trust reviews, while physicians don't, and the physicians just may be right.
University of Rochester
Nov 09 | Mike Miliard
As part of the new Patient Experience Digital Series, two clinicians explain how a virtual care…
People engaged in a medical procedure
Nov 06 | Susan Morse
UnitedHealth Group has announced a living donor program to give $12,000 to individuals…
Person in scrubs takes a plastic card from person at desk
Nov 05 | Susan Morse
For one health system, robotic process automation equates to about 27,000 hours in a month saved, which…