Ascension Michigan rebrands more hospitals
Jun 08 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Ascension will now be the first word in every facility name in a broader effort to deploy best practices and…
Amazon alliance chooses CEO to lead healthcare company
Jun 08 | Susan Morse
Executives said Thursday they had chosen a CEO to lead their healthcare company.
Reducing opioid dosages raises patient satisfaction, study finds
Jun 08 | Jeff Lagasse
Kaiser Permanente found that hospitals can bolster patient satisfaction scores and increase revenue by…
Hospital-acquired conditions down 8%
Jun 08 | Susan Morse
CMS head Seema Verma calls national efforts to improve patient safety that saved 8,000 lives and $2.9 billion a tremendous accomplishment.
27 percent of health systems plan Medicare Advantage launch
Jun 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Executives say the top reason for launching a Medicare Advantage plan is the…
Hospitals drive $3 trillion in spending for national economy
Jun 07 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Every dollar a hospital spends yields roughly $2.30 of additional business activity; for every hospital job,…
Why it’s time to think about data and not applications
Jun 07 | Jeff Lagasse
This is about improving operations, not another Uber for healthcare.
Why mandatory bundled payment programs matter
Jun 07 | Jeff Lagasse
Medicare's cost-containment strategy has been rolled out on a trial basis for more than 2,000 U.S. hospitals and new…
Tech fueling M&A activity, report says
Jun 06 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Interest in potentially disruptive technologies abound in the active…
DaVita sells Paladina Health to VC fund for $100M
Jun 06 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Paladina Health operates more than 50 physician offices in 10 states using direct primary care model.