Apr 23 | Susan Morse
The change would ramp up add-on payments to hospitals that implement new tech and increase the wage index for rural and other qualifying hospitals.
Apr 23 | Susan Morse
Pre-existing coverage remains protected, though a new type of high risk pool approach could better tailor coverage…
Apr 22 | Susan Morse
The Primary Care First payment model will provide payment to practices through a simplified total…
Apr 22 | Susan Morse
SNFs will be scored on a measure of potentially preventable hospital readmissions and on two new quality measures for…
Mercy Health - Cincinnati
Apr 22 | Jeff Lagasse
This year's hospitals had better risk-adjusted outcomes, better patient satisfaction and a lower average cost per…
Apr 19 | Jeff Lagasse
Evaluators often used personal descriptors to describe a student's performance, and…
Apr 18 | Susan Morse
Rule proposes no changes to practice of silver loading as insurers start to set rates for 2020.
Apr 18 | Jeff Lagasse
It was the fourth straight quarter in which M&A was lower than the annual quarterly average.
Apr 18 | Jeff Lagasse
One medical center found savings of $67,241 over three years by foregoing…
Apr 17 | Jeff Lagasse
Medical students are at disproportionately high risk for depression and anxiety, and mindfulness…