Medicare & Medicaid

Apr 17 | Jeff Lagasse
Large hospitals and teaching hospitals are the most likely to see reduced penalties; those in states with high…
Apr 15 | Susan Morse
Primary care represents an estimated 2.12 to 4.88 percent of total medical and prescription spending in…
Apr 11 | Susan Morse
This is less than half their 2016 average and below the 7.8 percent average of other U.S. hospitals, according to the…
Apr 10 | Jeff Lagasse
Mothers delivering via cesarean section covered by Medicaid had a 1.4 fold increase in…
Man in handcuffs
Apr 10 | Nathan Eddy
The scheme preyed upon hundreds of thousands of elderly and disabled patients, DOJ says.
Apr 08 | Jeff Lagasse
Counties in states that expanded Medicaid had about four fewer deaths from…
Apr 05 |
Just 3 percent of plans were found to be narrow, with the share of broad networks increasing from 80.1 to 82.5 percent over…
Apr 02 | Susan Morse
Texas court battle will put Medicare for all on back burner in 2020 general election, veteran legislator and attorney says.
Apr 01 | Susan Morse
MA plans may offer non-health benefits such as transportation to grocery shopping for those with chronic conditions.
Mar 29 | Susan Morse
Energy and Commerce Chairman calls for OIG investigation into taxpayer spending for outside communications,…