Medicare & Medicaid

Sep 18 | Jeff Lagasse
Not only do commercial payers reimburse clinics at a higher rate than physician offices, but clinics also are eligible…
Sep 18 | Susan Morse
Still, Medicare spent $2 billion more for brand-name drugs with rebates in 2015 than in 2011.
Sep 13 | Jeff Lagasse
A court brief contends the public charge rule would harm the health of immigrants and their communities,…
Sep 13 | Susan Morse
The cost of Senator Bernie Sanders' MFA plan is $50 trillion over 10 years.
Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang
Sep 13 | Jonah Comstock
Last night, an important missing piece of the health insurance conversation came from an unexpected source -- tech…
Sep 11 | Jeff Lagasse
The findings come at a time when the fate of the ACA is in the hands of a federal appeals court.
Sep 05 | Jeff Lagasse
Changes to Medicare's post-hospital payment structure, to bring it closer to that used by…
Aug 30 | Susan Morse
Zing Health is a community-focused, physician-led health plan that addresses the social determinants of health.
Aug 29 | Jeff Lagasse
The new Plan Finder walks users through the Medicare Advantage and Part D enrollment process from start to finish.
Aug 27 | Jeff Lagasse
Price increases do indeed get passed down to patients, the authors found, and that can negatively impact…