Medicare & Medicaid

Mar 15 | Jeff Lagasse
The new model could reduce the burden for at least half of all safety net hospitals as they care for patients…
Mar 13 | Susan Morse
Rankings show 5-and 1-star providers about equally divided as majority fall in the 2-to-4 star categories.
Mar 12 | Jeff Lagasse
All types of hospitals made the list, from small community facilities to major teaching hospitals,…
Mar 11 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Moving too quickly could lead to unintended consequences that could negatively…
Mar 08 | Susan Morse
CMS is also establishing separate quality ratings for short-stay and long-stay residents.
Mar 07 | Jeff Lagasse
The move is designed to help the facilities struggling with a declining number of patients and a shifting payer…
Mar 07 | Susan Morse
The agency seeks information on removal of regulatory, operational and financial barriers, but will insurers step into…
Mar 06 | Susan Morse
Gag order prevents Title X providers from telling pregnant patients how and where they can…
Mar 05 | Susan Morse
The changes are happening while the Administration is considering other efforts, such as amending the safe harbor rule on rebates.
Mar 05 | Jeff Lagasse
A DBT-inclusive bundled price was associated with significantly reduced recall rates, 13 percent versus 9.4 percent.