Medicare & Medicaid

Fairview Hospital
Dec 22, 2015 | Susan Morse
Hospital giant HCA will pay $2 million to settle a whistleblower lawsuit alleging that medically unnecessary and…
pharma drugs
Dec 22, 2015 | Susan Morse
As prescription drug prices continue to drive up healthcare spending, the Centers for Medicare and…
Dec 21, 2015 | Susan Morse
CMS said 540 drugs had a 25-percent increase for $13.7 billion, or 11 percent of program costs.
Colorado State Capitol
Dec 21, 2015 | Kaiser Health News
The group ColoradoCareYES gathered enough signatures -- more than 100,000 -- to put a single-payer health system on the ballot next fall.
Dec 19, 2015 | Susan Morse
The data released Friday in the "Home Health Agency Utilization and Payment Public Use File" contains information on…
Cleveland Clinic
Dec 18, 2015 | Susan Morse
Thirty-two hospitals in 15 states, including the Cleveland Clinic and hospitals associated with the…
sick patient
Dec 18, 2015 | Susan Morse
Don Goldmann, chief medical and scientific officer for Institute of Healthcare Improvement, thinks the…
Medicare card
Dec 17, 2015 | Kaiser Health News
After the last of the baby boomers become fully eligible for Medicare, the federal health program can expect significantly…
Dec 16, 2015 | Kaiser Health News
A coalition of civil rights advocates Tuesday called for a federal investigation of…
nursing home
Dec 16, 2015 | Kaiser Health News
Obesity is redrawing the common imagery of old age: The slight nursing home resident is giving way to the obese senior, hampered by diabetes,…