Medicare & Medicaid

Report: Medicare will be insolvent in 8 years
Jun 06 | Susan Morse
The trustees' report shows Part D spending projections are lower than what was projected last year.
Medicaid expansion increases volume, quality
Jun 06 | Jeff Lagasse
Medicaid expansion has resulted in more people having health insurance among all potentially eligible individuals,…
Medicare Part D drug spending spikes 77%
Jun 05 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Even after taking into account manufacturer rebates, spending still increased more than 60 percent and the ranks of beneficiaries paying $2,000…
WellCare to acquire Meridan for $2.5 billion
May 30 | Susan Morse
The deal boosts company's government-sponsored, managed care Medicaid and Medicare Advantage, Part D businesses and enhances…
Providers demand oversight for Medicaid rate cuts
May 25 | Susan Morse
States with at least 85% of their Medicaid population in managed care could implement nominal payment cuts without ensuring…
Insurers missing potential Medicare enrollees
May 24 | Susan Morse
Plans may be losing out on millions in missing the 20- to 40-percent of buyers who are not ready to sign up for…
Social determinants can cut spending
May 23 | Jeff Lagasse
Those results add to evidence showing support for social service programs can improve community health outcomes and reduce healthcare…
May 23 | Beth Jones Sanborn
As the 2019 transition approaches, finding expertise to support changing payment…
pharmacy benefit managers accountable for drug prices
May 21 | Jeff Lagasse
Specialists say legislation is needed to grow workforce and hold pharmacy benefit managers…
Part D plan sponsors face compliance action on gag orders
May 18 | Susan Morse
CMS existing policy requires plan sponsors to ensure enrollees pay the lesser of the Part D negotiated price or…