Medical Devices

Oct 10 | Susan Morse
UCLA researchers have found that pressure ulcers first form on the inside of the body at a cellular level, says researcher and CEO…
Oct 03 | Susan Morse
The order outlines sweeping policy and regulatory proposals including modifying Medicare fee for service…
Sep 17 | Mark Klimek
To date, attacks that have led to patient data being exposed; Going forward, attackers will seek to disrupt hospitals'…
Sep 10 | Jeff Lagasse
CEO Lester Stockett was among 24 telemedicine executives charged in schemes billing Medicare $1.7 billion,…
Aug 22 | Susan Morse
The IoT: "Every something that comes on the market is in essence it's own small computer with an ability to find its…
Aug 09 | Susan Morse
Security breaches can happen outside of the four walls of a hospital.
Aug 05 | Susan Morse
The rule increases new technology add-on payment from 50 to 65% for cases with high costs involving eligible new technologies.
May 03 | Jeff Lagasse
The actions represent components of a strategy to address barriers to medical innovation in…
May 03 | Susan Morse
Two primary concerns of a single-payer system are the methods it would use to pay providers and set their payment rates, both…
Petri dish with probe
Apr 30 | Healthcare Finance Staff
HIMSS Media during May will interview the experts, talk to thought leaders about the obstacles and opportunities precision medicine presents today.