Medical Devices

Nov 27 | Jeff Lagasse
Cleveland Clinic came in first, and has been in the top 10 in the ranking for the past three years.
Oct 25 | Beth Jones Sanborn
Consumers can use the TechDecks to measure blood pressure, weight and other metrics, then send those to doctors…
Medical supply cabinet.
Oct 18 | Jeff Lagasse
Savings opportunities are fairly equal across hospital size, location, and whether the facility is urban or…
Doctor frustrated with computer.
Oct 15 | Jeff Lagasse
Establish an ongoing procurement strategy and avoid the purchase of individual software and hardware, experts…
Oct 01 | Beth Jones Sanborn
The cart helps prevent unnecessary hospitalizations for nursing home patients, saves money and provides peace of mind to…
Pacemaker X-ray.
Sep 06 | Jeff Lagasse
The total spend increase for CRM devices is 8 percent, which translates to a $400 million…
Medical supplies.
Aug 24 | Jeff Lagasse
Joining a group purchasing organization can have a ripple effect that reduces expenses across the entire healthcare system, with…
Heath tracking chip in patient's arm.
Aug 14 | Susan Morse
The custom sensor would measure information from the body beyond heart rate, report says.
CMS opens up smartphone-connected CGMs for reimbursement
Jun 15 | Jonah Comstock
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will reverse a longstanding unpopular position on reimbursement for…
A cost-saving hemodialysis treatment
May 25 | Jeff Lagasse
More than 7 percent of the Medicare budget is spent on managing patients with end-stage renal disease.